The Board of Health Issues Centre (HIC) announces that it is passing on its legacy to Deakin University.

In February, Health Issues Centre announced that it would cease service delivery on 7th March due to sustained financial challenges. After exploring a range of options, we are pleased to announce that the Institute for Health Transformation at Deakin University will continue to build on the legacy created by Health Issues Centre through the creation of a centre of excellence in consumer engagement in health.

The expertise which Health Issues Centre has developed as Victoria’s peak body, representing community and consumers, will be used to strengthen the Institute for Health Transformation’s capabilities. Consumer and community engagement is an essential mechanism for health system transformation.

Health Issues Centre and Deakin University have built a strong partnership over recent years. We share a commitment to consumer empowerment and the transformation of healthcare through consumer-led co-design.

After almost four decades, ceasing our services is deeply disappointing. But we are confident that this transition will help amplify the voice of consumers in healthcare. Health Issues Centre’s Board will transfer selected intellectual property, training programs and other resources to Deakin University as it winds up Health Issues Centre’s corporate entity over the coming weeks. Some key staff will also transition.

We want to acknowledge and thank the generations of consumers, Health Issues Centre staff and our many partners in the health sector who have supported the work of Health Issues Centre since its inception nearly 40 years ago – and we encourage their continued support of this legacy.

The creation of the new centre at the Institute for Health Transformation will bring the following:

Leadership in health system transformation: Health Issues Centre and Deakin both have a proven track record of leadership in health system transformation. This change will further drive positive changes across the health sector, build capabilities, and inform and advocate for best-practice engagement methodologies.

Expertise in consumer and community engagement: This engagement will support the development of new knowledge and capabilities in this critical area.

Deakin’s Institute for Health Transformation looks forward to engaging with health services, policy-makers, research institutions and, most importantly, with the community in shaping the new centre and creating a vibrant and sustainable future for consumer engagement in health in Victoria, together.  You can contact them at

If you need to get in touch regarding HIC’s business operations prior to wind up, please email  This mailbox will be regularly monitored and someone will respond to your query.