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Media Release – Budget 2022/23 welcomed by healthcare users, but rollout must centre on their needs


The Health Issues Centre – Victoria's peak health consumer organisation – welcomes the Government’s focus on health in the 2022/23 Budget. The Government is right to ‘put patients first.’ Importantly, delivery of these programs must centre on patient needs and perspectives. Health Issues Centre CEO, Danny Vadasz, said “Research has shown that consumer-centric health care delivers better outcomes for patients. (1,2)” “To be effective, the patient-focused projects announced today must include the voices of consumers as they are rolled out.” Mr Vadasz also commented that “To truly ensure patients and health consumers are put first in our health system, consumers need [...]

Media Release – Budget 2022/23 welcomed by healthcare users, but rollout must centre on their needs2022-05-03T20:12:40+10:00

Vic Budget 2022/23 – Summary for healthcare consumers


The Victorian Budget has today handed down the 2022/23 Budget, which comes six months before the State election. As expected, health features prominently in the Budget, which is even named “Putting Patients First.” Key commitments of interest for health consumers include: $4.2 billion for the ongoing pandemic response, including: $522 million to hospitals for treating COVID-19; $258 million to protect and vaccinate Victorians against COVID-19; and $110 million for COVID-19 care pathways and continuing the 28 general practitioner respiratory clinics $1.5 billion for ‘COVID Catch-up’ to improve surgical capacity $698 million for ‘Better at Home’ – to continue healthcare in the [...]

Vic Budget 2022/23 – Summary for healthcare consumers2022-05-03T19:12:06+10:00

Tere Dawson – Celebrating 20 years at Health Issues Centre


Our Manager of Training and Development, Dr Tere Dawson, recently reached an incredible milestone of 20 years working at HIC. Here are some of her stories, insights and achievements from the last 20 years. Evolving with the health sector Working 20 years in any organisation is a remarkable achievement and takes a huge amount of dedication. Doing it while the sector you work in undergoes a seismic shift and evolving with it is even more impressive. Tere has done this and so much more in her time with HIC; she is an incredible advocate for health consumers and wonderful teacher to [...]

Tere Dawson – Celebrating 20 years at Health Issues Centre2022-04-28T13:44:55+10:00

Check-back a welcome tool for health consumers!


We have all been to health care appointments where we left not knowing if we totally understood what the healthcare worker said or what to do next. This can be a major issue because it can have severe consequences on our health outcomes, as well as leaving us feeling like we aren’t true partners in our own health care. This is why Check-back has been developed. It’s an online learning tool to help all consumers understand what is happening in our health appointments, engage with healthcare workers as partners in our own care, and leave with a clear understanding of what [...]

Check-back a welcome tool for health consumers!2022-04-27T11:44:26+10:00

Is long-COVID our next pandemic?


International research suggests that between 10-30% of people who contract COVID-19 go on to suffer long-COVID, a range of symptoms that can include chronic fatigue and affect respiratory, muscular, sensory and neurological functions. HIC has recently conducted a survey of people affected by long-COVID in Australia, which suggests that apart from these physical symptoms, many people with long-COVID suffer broader impacts including mental health deterioration. There is also a socio-economic consequence with many sufferers saying they cannot perform work or carry out every day domestic duties. The participants also called for better access to information, integrated treatment pathways and domestic support [...]

Is long-COVID our next pandemic?2022-04-13T12:48:43+10:00

Forced adoption redress welcomed by HIC


It is estimated that as many as 40,000 Victorian babies and their mothers were subject to forced adoption practices between the 1950s and the late 1970s. According to the parliamentary committee inquiry into historical forced adoption by the Victorian Government, released in September 2021. The report made 56 recommendations and admitted that "immeasurable pain" had resulted from the separation of "thousands of mothers and babies ... through unethical, deceitful and immoral policies and practices". Working with the Department In December, Health Issues Centre was commissioned by the Dept Justice and Community Safety to facilitate a forum of stakeholders to consider the [...]

Forced adoption redress welcomed by HIC2022-04-11T15:03:27+10:00

Our Planet, Our Health


“There is almost no health condition that will not be affected by the climate crisis we are facing, so it’s hard to over-emphasise just how fundamental this problem is. It’s going to affect every aspect of health care” – Dr Rob Phair, President, Rural Doctors Association of Victoria Climate change is a health issue Today is World Health Day and this year the World Health Organisation (WHO) is placing a spotlight on the health of our planet, and the widespread impact it has on our health and well-being. Global temperatures are increasing and this will continue to impact the health of [...]

Our Planet, Our Health2022-04-11T10:59:56+10:00

Resources to enhance partnerships between consumers and health organisations


True partnership between consumers and healthcare organisations is critical in ensuring our health system meets the needs of all Australians. Barriers currently exist for many people who wish to meaningfully contribute to improving the quality and safety of health services and we are committed to providing solutions to reducing these barriers. We have developed a suite of resources that support both consumers and healthcare professionals, researchers and policy makers to work together.  On Wednesday 13th of April 2022, HIC hosted an online event to highlight ways we can work to breakdown these barriers.   We shared three resources that demonstrate how consumers [...]

Resources to enhance partnerships between consumers and health organisations2022-04-20T09:41:11+10:00

Federal Budget 2022-23


The Federal Government has delivered its 2022-23 Budget, set against the backdrop of growing inflationary pressures, conflict in Europe, ongoing pandemic impacts, and a Federal election in May. Key initiatives include a cost-of-living package, small business tax incentives, support for apprentices and $17.9 billion of priority road and rail infrastructure. For health users, the news is mixed. Some initiatives are welcome… Medical research and access have been addressed in part through initiatives such as $375.6 million to help establish the Western Australian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Perth and $28.1 million to establish Genomics Australia. There is $131.3 million to update the [...]

Federal Budget 2022-232022-03-30T11:04:13+11:00

Working together to connect government and communities


A government’s ability to meaningfully connect with and engage everyday people can dramatically help or hinder their ability to protect and improve the health of communities. We know that partnering with consumers and communities was critical to government’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic, for example in ensuring compliance with restrictions and progressing the vaccine rollout to hesitant populations. We also know that COVID-19 is having a more devastating impact on consumers and communities facing social inequality, with poorer outcomes experienced by those most disadvantaged. This points to the historically inequitable nature of consumer and community engagement in government's approach to public [...]

Working together to connect government and communities2022-03-24T15:31:18+11:00
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