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Allied Health Assistants improving access to Allied Health for consumers


This is a guest article, written by the Victorian Allied Health Assistant Workforce Project team.  There may have been a time in your life when you went to see an Allied Health Professional. This includes people like; Physiotherapists, Dietitians, Speech Pathologists, Podiatrists, Occupational Therapists or Social Workers to name a few. Sometimes, depending on where you live or what kind of services you require, there can be a shortage in the number of qualified Allied Health Professionals available. Unfortunately, this could mean that you wait longer to be seen and may not be able to be seen as often as you [...]

Allied Health Assistants improving access to Allied Health for consumers2022-09-27T15:58:16+10:00

CEO Announcement


Dear Colleague, After eight exhilarating years leading the Health Issues Centre, I have informed the HIC Board that I will not be seeking a further extension when my current contract expires in November this year. I have made the decision now because I will be on leave for all of September on a serially deferred overseas holiday originally scheduled pre-COVID. When I return in October it will be to a caretaker CEO role to work with the Board to ensure a smooth transition to new management. I am grateful to have served a Board that has been steadfast in supporting its [...]

CEO Announcement2022-09-01T14:02:32+10:00

Have your say in designing a new consumer Community of Practice


Through our work with consumers, we often hear how much you gain from connecting with one another and learning new skills. We also hear that you benefit from problem-solving the challenges you may be facing in finding your voice as a consumer and influencing change in healthcare organisations. Over the next few months, HIC will be working with consumers to co-design a new Community of Practice to support you to enhance your knowledge and skills, and share experiences of engaging with healthcare organisations. This is made possible with funding from Safer Care Victoria. What’s a Community of Practice? A Community of [...]

Have your say in designing a new consumer Community of Practice2022-08-10T14:34:04+10:00

Current opportunities for health services to work with Health Issues Centre


We are pleased to announce that HIC has secured funding from Safer Care Victoria (SCV) to continue supporting Victorian metro, regional and rural health services in areas of consumer and community engagement. This financial year there will be four programs that you may be interested to apply for. These are: Consumer Mentorship Program Customised support packages Consumer engagement Train the Trainer (TTT) Program Pilot and review the CAC Evaluation Framework v1.0 Please note, these opportunities are for Victorian public health services only. For more details on each program and link to complete the Expression of Interest (EoI) survey please see below. [...]

Current opportunities for health services to work with Health Issues Centre2022-08-15T10:31:55+10:00

Closing the Digital Divide for Regional Victorians


Improving the health inequalities faced by rural and regional Victorian communities requires close attention from decision makers. The rapid digitisation of healthcare creates opportunities to reduce barriers to accessing care and to improve health outcomes, however, there is a risk of heightening health inequalities. Addressing the challenges of digital health exclusion faced by regional communities was discussed by a vibrant group of stakeholders at a session held by HIC in May. We are pleased to share with you the report from this event along with recordings of the presentations. Addressing the challenges of digital exclusion faced by regional communities On May [...]

Closing the Digital Divide for Regional Victorians2022-07-28T12:26:17+10:00

Creating psychologically safe environments for consumer engagement


Psychological safety is a critical element to ensuring consumers feel able to speak up and support quality improvement and patient safety. Whether you’re responsible for leading consumer engagement at your healthcare organisation or you’re a consumer giving your time to support improvements in our health system – creating psychological safety needs to be woven into your approach to this work. We thrive in environments which uphold interpersonal trust and mutual respect. We want to be comfortable to be ourselves. We want to feel the environment is safe for risk-taking, where we are able to speak up, and be candid with one [...]

Creating psychologically safe environments for consumer engagement2022-06-29T16:25:14+10:00

New minister, new funding, new platform, new Government!


Victorian health consumers are set for a new and enhanced policy and program agenda following the recent Federal Election and Victorian State Budget. Welcoming the new Health Minister, Mark Butler We welcome the Hon. Mark Butler MP as the new Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care. A few key facts about the Minister: He sits in the House of Representatives – for the electorate of Hindmarsh, South Australia He entered Parliament in 2007 Previous Ministerial roles include: Mental Health and Ageing; Social Inclusion; Housing; Climate Change; and Environment. Qualifications: First Class Honours Law degree, an Arts degree and a Master’s [...]

New minister, new funding, new platform, new Government!2022-06-15T16:18:24+10:00

Our emergency services are having an emergency


The unsustainable stress on our health system caused by escalating demand and a shortfall in supply has become tragically apparent in recent months and highlights the need for consumers to be part of the process of identifying solutions. According to HIC CEO, Danny Vadasz “We are witnessing multiple failure points including those services we rely on to deliver the most urgent care – our ambulance system and our Emergency Departments.” Devastating impacts Anecdotal consumer stories and the media have highlighted these breakdowns in harrowing detail. Waiting times have blown out in hospital ED’s with one report suggesting a man from regional [...]

Our emergency services are having an emergency2022-06-16T17:01:08+10:00

Enhancing communication with healthcare workers


Health Issues Centre recently met with a group of passionate consumers and discussed how to address the issues affecting two-way communication between consumers and health professionals. At this session HIC presented on how consumers can better prepare to make the most of healthcare visits. The participants fed back that they found this information very useful, so we decided to share it with you too. Evidence based health information online To feel confident about managing your health condition you need to be well informed. However it is better NOT to just do a ‘’Google search’’ because the information you might encounter can [...]

Enhancing communication with healthcare workers2022-05-30T10:59:40+10:00

Communication – an integral part of healthcare


Communication is a critical aspect of the health system and communicating poorly can have far reaching impacts on patient outcomes and experiences. Our Communications Specialist, Cassandra Jovic, has shared her thoughts on why good communication is so important in health and what we can do to improve it. Quality communication is not just a ‘nice to have’ within the healthcare system, it can seriously impact safety. The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care explains that “Communicating for safety involves the accurate and careful exchange of information about a person's care between treating clinicians, members of a multidisciplinary team, [...]

Communication – an integral part of healthcare2022-06-01T16:56:27+10:00
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