You can help us do more effective online research

Are you handy on Facebook? Do you love a chat?

Health Issues Centre is looking for Social Boosters to participate in innovative online research.

What does being a Social Booster mean?

We’re keen to involve as many voices as possible in our research projects – especially disadvantaged and seldom-heard groups. 

Often the best way to do this is through social media. That’s because so many people are already using social media so we can reach exactly the groups we’re looking for very easily.

How can you help?

  1. Outsmarting the bots. Facebook uses artificial intelligence to decide which stories and advertising to prioritise. It’s hard for us to compete against big corporate advertising but one way to make sure Health Issues Centre’s topics get priority is to have like-minded people like yourself like, share and comment on important posts. This tells the bots that people are interested in this story so they are more likely to show it in people’s newsfeeds.
  2. Kick-starting a conversation. People are sometimes shy about commenting on a post until someone else has got the ball rolling. We need people who can kick-start a conversation for us in a clever way without skewing the direction of the research findings (we will give you advice and tips on this before each campaign, don’t worry!)

If you would like to get involved in this game-changing research to help improve the health system for all consumers, register your interest today.

Register your interest

Fill in the form below to be added to our database of available Social Boosters. Then check your email (don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder) for more information about how to participate. 

Register your interest in becoming a Social Booster

You will be added to a database of volunteers and called on when a suitable topic comes up.