Dear Colleague,

After eight exhilarating years leading the Health Issues Centre, I have informed the HIC Board that I will not be seeking a further extension when my current contract expires in November this year. I have made the decision now because I will be on leave for all of September on a serially deferred overseas holiday originally scheduled pre-COVID. When I return in October it will be to a caretaker CEO role to work with the Board to ensure a smooth transition to new management.

I am grateful to have served a Board that has been steadfast in supporting its CEO and staff through tumultuous and unpredictable times and to have worked with a talented staff who have achieved over and beyond anything I had a right to expect. I am also humbled to have met and worked with hundreds of people in the health sector, including health professionals, public servants and, of course, consumers, who have inspired and educated me and who demonstrate on a daily basis their professionalism, selflessness and humanity.

I’m proud that HIC has consistently influenced decision makers way beyond any reasonable expectations of what a small but dogged organisation could achieve. And I’m confident that will continue to be the case because a great health system needs to reflect the perspectives and interests of everyday consumers and HIC is the mirror that holds that reflection to account.

Danny Vadasz