There are two halves to the Covid-19 story.

One is about the clinical implications of the spread of the virus – Where and how quickly will it spread? How likely are you to catch it? How seriously ill would you become? What can you do to safeguard yourself from contagion?

Our governments and medical authorities are doing their best to provide calm, sensible advice and we are not qualified to go beyond the advice of their experts.

But there is another side to the unfolding Covid-19 story that is more about its social and economic consequences when these measure impact on your everyday life and we don’t believe these have been sufficiently thought through.

As always, top down system solutions don’t take into account the enormous variance and complexities of everyday life which invariably results in unintended consequences.

How will the pandemic affect you?

We want your help to better understand what these consequences are and how they will impact on you.

For instance, are you able to provide home based childcare if schools close down?

Is there someone who can take care of your shopping needs (including prescription fulfilment) if you are quarantined?

Should you be avoiding public transport?

We want to hear your stories, whether based on real life experience or your concerns about future impacts so that we can make sure that sensible clinical precautions are accompanied by sensible social arrangements.

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