On November 30 2022, Victoria passed new legislation which requires health services to organise a Duty of candour with patients and their families/carers if a serious adverse patient safety event (SAPSE) occurs. All of which can sound a little confusing.

Empowering patients, carers and their families if significant harm occurs

To help demystify this new legislation and what it means for patients and their family/carers, Health Issues Centre and Safer Care Victoria worked in partnership with a passionate group of consumers who had experienced a SAPSE. Those with lived experience were crucial to the development of resources for patients and families/carers to help highlight what mattered most and what information needed to be communicated.

“Sometimes you just need to hear I’m sorry rather than being left in the dark, it will be good if this can happen more often.” 

“It’s good to see that we can have an active role in this process.” 

Over a series of months, which involved reflecting on their own experiences, the group identified and developed three initial resources to explain this new legislation.

  1. A poster for health services to display – introducing the concept to patients and families/carers
  2. A brochure of what to expect, including timelines and your rights and responsibilities
  3. Frequently asked questions

View the resources here.

Health services have been notified and given these and more resources to assist them in delivering Duty of candour. If you work with or consult with health services, ask them what steps they’re taking to raise awareness of Duty of candour with consumers.