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Health Issues Centre is at the forefront of innovation in tapping into the consumer experience to inform better health outcomes. We use our unique Social Listening Platform to gain insights and conduct research through digital and face-to-face engagement.

Our approach ensures a consumer perspective is included in best practice research, policy development and service design and delivery.

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What we do

Health Issues Centre works at all levels of the health system, by taking the grassroots experience to the decision-makers. We listen to consumers, the individual fears, hopes and ambitions of everyday people, to understand their challenges. 

Using our proprietary Social Listening Platform, we observe the trends and convert these cumulative lived experiences into data that can be modelled and reported to inform service delivery outcomes and research and policy change.

We partner with the health sector, government, researchers and other policy-makers to ensure a continuous cycle of improvement. In this way, we connect the dots – people and information – to inform a better health system.

Health Issues Consulting – Engagement, Insight, Design

Health Issues Centre is typically known for the work we do to influence health outcomes at a service delivery, research and policy level. Our methodology ensures that everyday people become part of the national conversation on health.

In a world that is shaped by big data, we focus on little data – the individual stories of everyday people. Big data can tell you what’s going on but little data explains the ‘why’ through a uniquely human lens.
Danny Vadasz – CEO at Health Issues Centre

Health Issues Centre has evolved to become a full-service engagement, insight and design consultancy focused on health. We provide expert consultancy to government, researchers and the health services sector.

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We work at all levels of the health service, from grassroots to service delivery, research and policy, as well as providing training and digital communication support.

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Health Issues Centre also offers accredited training, short workshops and bespoke training options tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

 If you work in the health sector, our training will contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

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Find a range of useful resources, including a Toolkit for Health Sector Staff that you can download here.
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