Certainly not us.


Health Issues Centre is more interested in your opinions than our own and we strive to represent you at the variety of Conferences, Advisory Groups, Inquiries and workshops we are invited to attend to present a consumer perspective.

But we don’t guess what you think, we listen. And that’s what makes it so important for you to engage with us through our Social Listening programs. Social Listening provides opportunities to hear about your lived experience and to make sure they inform policy decisions and service design and their impact on the quality and safety of the health care you receive.

Some of the forums that we are currently engaged in include:
Breast Implant Consumer Working Group convened by the TGA and established to provide up-to-date information about the risks recently associated with some breast implant products;

Partnering Consumers Working Group convened by the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care and examining, among other matters, Hospital-acquired complications (HACs);

GEM Evaluation Advisory Group initiated by the Dept of Health and Human Services to review current models of geriatric assessment;

The National Preventative Health Strategy Expert Steering Committee established by the Federal Health Minister the Hon Greg Hunt to develop a 10 year national preventative health strategic plan.

All of these (and many other) opportunities to engage with decision makers are opportunities to represent your interests and your voice. We do so through topic specific blogs, social media conversations, face-to-face meetings and any other means we can identify to hear what your hopes, concerns and priorities in health care are.

Join the conversation on Facebook and tell us what you think the key issues in healthcare are for 2020 and beyond.