“By listening to and advocating on behalf of consumers, we influence and shape health policy and services so that all Australians can experience quality health outcomes.”

Did you know?

Every year approximately:


of Victorians see a GP


have a pathology test


see a dental professional


see a medical specialist


visit a hospital emergency department


Are admitted to hospital

Health Issues Centre is Victoria’s peak health consumer organisation. We listen to everyday people and champion improvements to our healthcare system.

We are registered as a charity and have been operating for over 35 years. HIC was formed to provide a voice for consumers from diverse backgrounds. We use the principles of human-centred design to make sure that health solutions address consumer needs and reflect consumer priorities.

Our Focus Areas

We continuously engage with health consumers to improve:


Advocating on behalf of health consumers, including those who are left out of the conversations that define public health policy.

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Health Services

Identifying emerging health needs and gaps and ensuring that consumers inform service design so that healthcare meets their needs and delivers quality and safety improvements.

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Delivering a range of consumer training courses including Australia’s only nationally accredited consumer training. We have trained 3,000 people in the last five years alone.

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Find out about the latest news, events and opportunities in the consumer health space by joining our network.

Our Role:

  • We champion the voices of everyday people in all aspects of our healthcare system and represent the millions of people receiving healthcare
  • We are a recognised leader in consumer and community engagement training, providing Australia’s only accredited consumer training for consumers and service staff.
  • We operate a social enterprise arm which provides fee for service consultancy, helping health services to better integrate the consumer voice into health care design

Who We Serve:

We represent Victorian healthcare users.

In particular, we believe that all consumers should have the opportunity to influence decisions that will impact the quality of their health care and that should especially include those who are vulnerable, marginalised and seldom heard.


  • Almost 50% have one or more of the 10 most common chronic conditions – 80% for people aged over 65.
  • People living in low SES areas experience poorer health
  • One in seven people do not feel they can make sense of health information.

We are committed to the creation of a health system that combats this inequity, prevalence of chronic illness and challenges with health information literacy.

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Our board
Our team
Our values
Our History

Learn more about us

Our board
Our team
Our values

Learn more about us

Our board
Our team
Our values
Our History


Our organisation aims to make a big impact on the health outcomes of everyday people. We are bold, optimistic and action-oriented.
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