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Unfinished Business: National Mesh Implant Forum


The National Mesh Implant Forum was held in Melbourne on Friday April 5, 2019, to consider all aspects of Australia’s mesh implant crisis. The event brought together mesh injured consumers, carers, regulatory authorities, health officials, the Chair of the Senate Inquiry into mesh and consumer advocates to create solutions and bring about real change. The forum considered not only the impact of pelvic mesh and rectocele implants, but the emerging parallel crisis involving people who have received mesh implants for hernia treatment. The Forum was proudly convened by Health Issues Centre, Health Consumers NSW, Health Consumers Queensland, Health Consumers’ Council (WA), [...]

Unfinished Business: National Mesh Implant Forum2020-01-02T16:03:06+11:00

Consumer Backgrounder


UNFINISHED BUSINESS – A NATIONAL FORUM ON THE IMPACT OF MESH IMPLANTS With the conclusion of the Senate Inquiry into transvaginal mesh and the subsequent response by the Federal Government, many people assume that the tragedy of the mesh crisis has been addressed and future injury averted. Unfortunately, whatever lessons have been learned, many thousand mesh injured women are still enduring daily pain as a consequence of their implants. Some women have been suffering for more than a decade. Many women have told their practitioners that they’ve had an adverse outcome, but doctors and surgeons have not believed them. The financial, [...]

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Senate Inquiry Report into Transvaginal Mesh Implants Released


Download media release here: Media Release TVM 290318  Thursday 29 March 2018 Media Release Vindication for mesh injured women: but suspend mesh until after audit results Australia’s state and territory based health consumer organisations have welcomed the recognition of the extent and impact of harm to women, and the recommendations contained in the report from the Senate Inquiry into transvaginal mesh implants released yesterday. But they say they hoped the report had gone further. “We are very pleased that the Senate’s recommendations reflecting our calls to strengthen provisions for informed consent, only using mesh as a last resort, requiring mandatory reporting [...]

Senate Inquiry Report into Transvaginal Mesh Implants Released2020-01-02T16:16:44+11:00

Applications open for Funded Consumer Engagement Training and Support


Applications open for funded consumer engagement training and support  Applications due date has been extended until COB Friday 15 November 2019.  Health services wishing to increase their skills and capacity in the area of consumer and community engagement can now submit expressions of interest for free skills training and specialist support packages. These are delivered by Health Issues Centre and funded by Safer Care Victoria. Eligible health services are urged to apply now, as packages are limited. Training and professional development expert at Health Issues Centre Dr Tere Dawson said, “These packages are highly sought after in the sector and [...]

Applications open for Funded Consumer Engagement Training and Support2020-01-02T16:23:21+11:00

Meaningful Engagement for Social Inclusion: A Practice Guide


Meaningful Engagement for Social Inclusion: A Practice Guide This is a guide on how to create or improve your social inclusion work. In other words, “how can you ensure that your social inclusion work with communities is more meaningful?” It provides a compass to useful documents, resources, frameworks and tools to improve your practice, whether that is externally with individuals and communities or internally within your organisation. Read Now

Meaningful Engagement for Social Inclusion: A Practice Guide2019-12-27T01:23:55+11:00

What have cows got to do with it?


There’s always a story behind how someone became a Consumer Representative and Kerri Easton is no exception. Her story is connected to her sudden career change from freelance theatrical costume maker for the Australian Ballet and Opera Australia,  amongst others, to grower of Angus-cross beef cattle. “My partner had an accident and lost his balance permanently,” she said. “He was senior administrator at a university and after that I had to cart him around to doctors appointments and rehab because he had to learn to walk again. He couldn’t drive or use public transport. I had to take days off [...]

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Your story matters


This is where people count - starting with one... We sometimes say consumers, but what we really mean is everyday people. Health Issues Centre exists to serve everyday people by ensuring their voices are heard. We focus on what we call "little data" - individual stories just like yours that build to form a powerful picture of what's happening at a grassroots level. We then convert this into usable data that the health sector, researchers and policy-makers can use to inform a better health system for everyone. Find out more by watching this video.

Your story matters2020-08-27T17:10:05+10:00

Safer Care Victoria- A guide to Consumer Remuneration


The guideline classifies committees or groups into one of four groups, which determines the remuneration level. These levels recognise the workload, regularity of meetings and other activities of participants. The sessional or annual rates paid to participants are set in accordance with the remuneration level of the group. Read Now

Safer Care Victoria- A guide to Consumer Remuneration2020-08-28T14:16:52+10:00