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Health Issues Centre works at all levels of the health system to ensure the experiences of everyday people can be included in making it a better one.

We do not do individual advocacy.

We understand it can be extremely frustrating when you are trying to get help and it feels like no one is listening. If you’re struggling to find support with your situation, we recommend the following options:

Immediate Health Issues

If you have an immediate health issue, please contact your GP. If you need help finding a GP, please click the button below.

Find a GP

Complaint About Treating Practitioner

If you need to make a complaint about a doctor, specialist or any health practitioner (e.g. physiotherapist, dentist, nurse) contact AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioner regulation Agency)

contact AHPRA

Complaint About a Hospital

If you’ve had a poor experience at a hospital, you can make a complaint directly to the hospital involved, either through the hospital Complaints Officer, the Patient Liaison Officer or the Consumer Engagement Officer at the relevant health service.
These names and contact details are usually on the website of the hospital or health service – often under “feedback”.

Discrimination or Harassment

If the issue involves discrimination, sexual harassment, or racial or religious vilification, contact the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) or the human rights commission in your state to make a complaint.

contact AHRC

Contact the Australian Human Rights Commission

A Specific Disease or Condition

If your issue relates to a specific disease or chronic condition (e.g. diabetes, asthma) go to the Consumer Health Forum of Australia (CHFA) which has a list of condition specific organisations across Australia and their contact details.
If your family needs support with managing a chronic illness go to the Chronic Illness Alliance

contact CHFA

Mental Health

If you need support with a mental health issue, contact one of the following organisations.

Mind Australia


IMHA (Independent Mental Health Advocacy)


Mental health Australia


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