Our work on ageing focuses on living well and ending well. This includes ensuring that people have access to the right  information and support when they need it so they can make informed decisions.

Our research indicates that conventional wisdom regarding how people experience ageing does not tally with people’s actual lived experience. This demonstrates a clear need to reframe our thinking about ageing.

Our expertise is in understanding what people are actually going through and what implications this has for policy makers and health service delivery providers.

Current societal and policy responses to ageing are based on outdated norms. For example, for example, there have been radical increases in average life spans and improvements in general health and mobility in old age.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average life expectancy for Australians 100 years ago was around 60. Present-day Australians can expect to have good health and vitality in their 60s and to live well into their 70s or even 80s. Physical and cognitive decline may be delayed to their 70s.

This means treating people in their 60s as “old” is anachronistic and there are good indications it can even be harmful.

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