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Turning global disaster into opportunity


Fresh eyes for change Lockdown has been emotionally taxing for Jo Szczepanska, as she feels like the last chance to fight for a beloved cause is slipping through her fingers. “Canada’s last ice shelf just fell into the ocean last week. That’s tipping point 9/9 for the climate system that is now active,” she says sadly; and you can see her watching the future of the planet darken in her mind’s eye. Jo has nevertheless tried to maintain the spirits of her group of young activists and keep them engaged and hopeful. She’s also channelled her energies into changing what she [...]

Turning global disaster into opportunity2020-09-08T09:17:12+10:00

The seed that grew a mighty change


Flourish expands program offering via training pathway Over the past two years, Flourish, in Tasmania, has certainly lived up to its name. A strong focus on capacity development and opportunity creation has assisted individuals in often unforeseen ways. As a by-product, the small mental health organisation has quadrupled its funding and its services spectrum.  The pool of available consumer representatives has also grown by 300% over the past two years. Outgoing CEO Klaus Baur says he can trace many of these astonishing achievements back to a single informal chat and a two-page funding application. “When I started as CEO, we were [...]

The seed that grew a mighty change2020-08-27T17:06:32+10:00

Unmasking the facts and fallacies of face masks


Australian State and Federal Governments have stepped up recommendations for public use of face masks amid warnings from the medical community that COVID-19 is carried on minute airborne particles. This has prompted a surge in consumer demand for masks. But is your face mask actually protecting you? Andrew Harrison* is not a doctor, nor a scientist but flaws in the system of regulation have meant that lately, he has found himself making decisions about which face masks are safe to sell to clinics – a decision he is the first to admit he is not qualified to make. As a sales [...]

Unmasking the facts and fallacies of face masks2020-08-27T17:07:03+10:00

Are we doing enough to keep consumer engagement alive?


Times have changed - for good Genuine engagement with consumers has suffered in some organisations as a result of Covid-19. And the current situation in Victoria reminds us that the pandemic is not over and will likely continue affecting us for some time. This means organisations need to get creative about how to engage with their consumers or risk significant set-backs to their consumer engagement programs. As one Health Service shared with Health Issues Centre last week, Covid-19 has devastated their program so completely, they will need to start over from scratch. But face-to-face consultation is not the only option for [...]

Are we doing enough to keep consumer engagement alive?2020-07-10T14:38:07+10:00

Forget your inside voice!


Consumers take a stand When Sonia Mailer first started working with consumers, they were an enthusiastic but reserved lot. Manager of Melanoma Research Victoria, a multi-centre collaborative research resource, Sonia said a lot has changed since then. “Seven years ago the consumers were shy and didn’t understand their power. They were very restrained in their feedback with the doctors,” she said. “Now they don’t hold back. They say, ‘We disagree! We’re not having that!’ “Some of the consumers have become very knowledgeable about melanoma research. They’ve lost too many loved ones along the way and don’t want to see it happen [...]

Forget your inside voice!2020-08-27T17:15:46+10:00

Report: Forum #3, Covid-19 Series


Will the road to recovery be paved with casualties? View and download report here: Forum #3 report The third of our COVID-19 community forums was held just before the uptick in community transmission rates caused the Victorian state government to selectively reimpose Stage 3 isolation restrictions. Interestingly, many of the issues raised by participants in the forum presaged the gaps and failures of policy that have now been identified as contributing to increased community transmission. This includes recognising the logistical (as distinct from behavioural) challenges of maintaining social distancing in public places, the absence of clarity and consistency on social restriction [...]

Report: Forum #3, Covid-19 Series2020-07-03T09:48:43+10:00

Cupdate: Breaking down the big issues


Telehealth draws mixed response from group Telehealth emerged as a key issue of concern among the group at our first ever Cuppa and Connect event on Monday, following a discussion that ranged over a variety of topics. Members of the group introduced themselves and shared a little of their background before having a chat about the impact of Covid-19 restrictions and the top-down decision-making in evidence. Alan, a consumer representative, noted that the decision to announce 2-30 minute appointments with hairdressers in the early days betrayed a total lack of consultation by the PM and cohorts - including surely their owns [...]

Cupdate: Breaking down the big issues2020-07-03T09:33:29+10:00

ICIC20 Conference goes virtual


Health Issues Centre CEO Danny Vadasz announced as keynote speaker  Health Issues Centre CEO Danny Vadasz has been announced as a keynote speaker at a prestigious international health conference in Croatia. The  ICIC20 Virtual Conference is free for patients and carers and also attracts over 1000 integrated care experts representing over 80 countries.Taking place over 4 days in September 2020, the ICIC20 Virtual Conference is a relaunch of the 20th International Conference on Integrated Care that was due to take place in Šibenik, Croatia in April. The new edition will take place as a virtual offer bringing over 150 hours of digital integrated [...]

ICIC20 Conference goes virtual2020-06-26T10:14:51+10:00

Forum #3: Plenary session video


Will the road to recovery be paved with casualties? Almost 200 people attended the third and final online consumer forum in our three-part Covid-19 series. The unique events have provided hundreds of consumers with opportunities to engage in discussions about various aspects of the Covid-19 crisis. Outcomes have been made publicly available as well as circulated to key decision-makers as part of Health Issues Centre’s primary objective of ensuring consumers have a voice. Video the full video below.

Forum #3: Plenary session video2020-07-02T10:39:38+10:00

Access translated information about Covid-19


Resources available in a range of formats Health Translations brings together translated resources produced by government & community agencies Australia-wide,from posters, flyers, video & audio files. Looking for a specific language? Click here: https://bit.ly/2Z8oyvf Do you want to see ALL the COVID-19 resources? Click here: https://bit.ly/3867VV5 Do you want to see VIDEOS only? Click here: https://bit.ly/3eLuEbq

Access translated information about Covid-192020-06-26T09:49:23+10:00
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