Health consumers play a critical role in improving our health system. This Model shows health consumers how they can effectively do this. It highlights opportunities that exist for consumers to contribute, for all experience levels. 

“This Model is the product of Safer Care Victoria, the Health Issues Centre, and consumers working in partnership to develop this helpful resource for consumers at all stages of their consumer journey. It is informative, practical, and empowering.” – Nora Refahi, Consumer Advisor on the co-production team. 

 It helps to:  

  • Support consumers to understand the types of roles they could engage in, that align with their skills and interests.
  • Map out for consumer leads, managers, researchers, and policy developers the innovative ways they can partner with consumers.
  • Open a dialogue between consumers and their leads about the ways the service can meaningfully support their growth and development.
  • Demonstrate to executive leadership and Board how consumers should and could be fitting in to the decision-making hierarchy. 

Watch the presentation below for an introductory outline of the Model and practical tips for activating it in practice.


Consumers involved in the development of this resource felt strongly that it should be a live, dynamic document that focuses on the importance of partnership between consumers and healthcare organisations. 

There are currently two ways you can work with us to ensure this Model is embedded in the way your healthcare organisation partners with consumers.

  1. Activating the potential of consumers partnering with health services workshops: Three online workshops where we hope to understand the additional resources, training packages or supports needed to build on and activate the consumer capability, skills and leadership outlined in the Model. These are for both consumers and healthcare professionals. Sign up via Eventbrite.
  2. Trialling the Model in practice: For workers responsible for leading consumer engagement we are providing three coaching clinics over the financial year to support implementation of the Model in your organisations including completion of a usability survey. Complete the Expressions of Interest form by Friday 7 October 2023.

For more information, to provide feedback, or if you would like support to implement anything you see in this Model, please contact Health Issues Centre at or call (03) 8676 9050. 

Download resource here.