Health Issues Centre is a digital leader in the health space. We use technology in a variety of innovative ways to have a two-way conversation with consumers.

Australia is an online nation so reaching our population requires a digital-led strategy.

More than simply replicating offline content in an online environment, a truly digital-led strategy means providing digital consumer engagement opportunities as an integrated part of your health solution.

We can support you to find more consumer-led ways of delivering services better, with greater reach and more effectively tailored to your audience’s needs.

Examples of our services include:

  • Providing a strategic evaluation of your organisation’s digital needs and opportunities

  • Supporting a specific communications project – such as developing a website or helping you to map out an ideal customer journey

  • Digitising an existing offline service or process to increase accessibility – such as creating an online booking process or assisting you to establish and manage online forums and support groups (including providing guidelines for moderation, referral and self-management by members).

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