The health sector is eager to involve consumers in designing solutions that will meet the needs of its end users – everyday people. But the problem is how to do this in a way that is practical to implement?

Traditionally, the sector has used a co-design approach. This can often mean identifying a problem, working to scope out potential solutions, and then inviting consumers to review these and provide feedback. 

The problem with this approach is it represents a missed opportunity to involve consumers in defining what the problem is to begin with. This can mean resources are invested in fixing the wrong problems. 

Health Issues Centre works in a unique way to support Health Services, researchers and policy-makers to involve consumers at every step of the way to deliver truly human-centred design. 

Using our proprietary Social Listening Platform, we engage consumers in natural conversations about what is important to them. We then provide meaningful analysis of the data obtained from aggregated individual responses that can take projects in completely unexpected directions. 

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