After 21 years of service, HIC bids farewell to Tere Dawson 

Tere Dawson is the Training and Development Manager at HIC and is well known amongst the consumer engagement field in Victoria and nationally. At the end of June 2023, Tere will be leaving HIC after 21 years of service.

Her passionate commitment to building capabilities in consumer engagement and her contribution to the health sector is cause for much celebration. There are so many consumers and health professionals who have been influenced and supported by Tere in her time with HIC and she carries that passion forward into the next stage of her work.

In 2022 we celebrated Tere’s 20-year anniversary at HIC and we encourage you to read about the incredible journey she has been on with the organisation.

A journey of 1000 steps

This is a note to say thanks to all with whom I have shared this journey of 1000 steps towards improving healthcare; this journey would not have been possible without a commitment to partnership and collaboration.  My work at HIC over these 21 years has been inspired by many of you taking steps towards best practice consumer engagement. Many of you have taken giant steps! I am honoured to have been there with you on this journey. I have learned so much from my years of work with you as members of staff at health and community services, and from many of you who have shared with me your lived experience. I will be forever grateful for all the opportunities that Health Issues Centre has given me over the years to share with so many people from such varied sectors and ways of life. I wish you all the very best in the future.

– Tere Dawson

The changing landscape of consumer leadership

At our inaugural Victorian Health Consumer’s Community of Practice meeting in February, Tere gave a presentation on the changing landscape of consumer leadership. Tere spoke with enthusiasm about the qualities of a consumer leader and acknowledged some of the shifts she has seen in over two decades with HIC.

We are pleased to be able to share the recording of that presentation as a lasting reminder of the vast knowledge Tere has accumulated over the years and her dedication to the cause.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would please take a couple of minutes to reflect on the impact Tere has made to you personally or on your organisation via the form linked below. We wish to collate a record of the contributions she has made to changing the landscape of consumer engagement across Australia as we prepare to celebrate her legacy.

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